Breast Health

Empowering women with tools for proactive breast health, allows the woman to truly get in touch with their own breast tissue. With one in eight women developing breast disease (cancer), it is even more important that women take action. We educate women about lymphatic drainage in the breast area and teach women how do a more comprehensive breast exam. Women are taught how to palpate their breast tissue, understand where congestion has developed over many years and how to care for their breast, thereby preventing possible breast disease.

Breast Health Education

90 minute session:


Weekend appointments are subject to surcharge

This appointment is designed for the any woman that seeks the tools and knowledge to monitor and care for their breast health. Many women have chosen to have breast thermography but it is not required for this educational appointment.

In this appointment: 
• They will be introduced to the Lymphatic System, what it is , how to move it and its importance.
• They will be taught how to do Manual Lymphatic Drainage for their breast health
• They will review their thermogram if they had one
• They will be given and taught a Breast Exam designed by Bruce Rind, M.D.
• They will be able to identify the variances in their breast tissue so as to monitor their tissue themselves
• They will be instructed on a Lymphatic Self-Breast Massage
• They will be introduced to how Cupping improves breast health

anatomy of female breast
Lymphatic Self-Breast Massage
by Bruce Rind, MD
breast health lymphatics
Breast Anatomy -
Lymphatic Tubules and Nodes

Custom Breast Cupping / Massage for Continued Breast Care

60 minute session:


75 minute session:


Weekend appointments are subject to surcharge

In this appointment, we review what we learned in the Breast Health Education appointment and start using Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy/massage. Your customized therapy will also include other lymphatic/immune boosting modalities such as Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (See LET Benefits) and cupping (See Cupping Benefits) to treat the breast tissue.

The Breast Cupping session will consist of several minutes of breast cupping followed by the Lymphatic Self-Breast Massage and then repeated several times during the 60 minute session.

Cupping Machine

The Customized Breast Cupping (60 minutes) will begin with approximately 10-15 minutes of using LET/frequency tools then followed by several rounds of breast cupping and massage for the remainder of the session. 

The Customized Breast Cupping (75 minutes) will begin with approximately 30 minutes of using LET/frequency tools then followed by several rounds of breast cupping and massage for the remainder of the session.

In all of the sessions, we discuss the care plan of the client and introduce additional methods for breast health, as needed. Many times, our clients are being monitored by a holistic or integrative chiropractor, naturopathic and/or integrative physicians.

The client’s plan may include developing a relationship with a health coach, as well as adding other integrative therapies, such as far infrared saunas, castor oil packs, colonics, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and exercise. The individualized care may also include vibrational and frequency therapies, such as PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), AO Scan bio-resonance and Redox cell signaling molecules treatment modalities. These tools and treatment modalities support immune function at a cellular level.

It is always recommended that clients continue to do their research and always feel free to contact your healthcare professional to determine if lymphatic drainage is appropriate to meet your specific needs.

Lactation Mastitis

50 minute session:


Lactation Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves an infection. The inflammation results in breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness.

Always consult your Physician and Lactation Consultant first. If your lactation consultant feels there is a need, she may refer you to us for breast/nipple cupping. With a specialized cupping machine, the clogged milk can be expressed for relief.

For Prevention of Lactation Mastitis:
• Gently massage the breast toward the nipple while you are nursing or pumping to encourage the milk to drain evenly and completely from both breast
• Drink water: it is suggested that we drink at least ½ of your body weight in ounces of water. Example If you are 160 lbs., you need 80 plus ounces of water daily. Breast feeding moms need even more.
• Change Positions each time you nurse your baby
• Make sure the baby latches properly during feedings

Weekend appointments are subject to surcharge