Therapeutic and Oncology Massage

50 minute session:

$95.00 (Cash or Check)

$100.00 (Credit Card)

Therapeutic Massage works to achieve full body relaxation and well-being using various techniques, to enhance function and aid in the healing process.

Cancer Massage provides a uniquely compassionate and highly specialized touch that addresses each client’s individual needs. The Lymphatic system is an important component in this therapy.

Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy

50 minute session:

$120.00 (Cash or Check)

$125.00 (Credit Card)

Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy: Works the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques, targeting specific concerns to enhance function, improving posture, addressing chronic pain patterns and promote relaxation and well-being. Target tissues may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, facia, skin and connective tissue.

General Benefits of Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy: Reduction or elimination of pain, greater flexibility and strength, balanced musculoskeletal and nervous system, Improve posture, Increase circulation, Increase energy and vitality

Daily Living Pains and Strains: neck/back/shoulder pain and discomfort, general muscular aches and pains, arm and hand/tingling, leg and foot pain/numbness, tendonitis, whiplash and muscle strain

Chronic Conditions: Headaches, arthritis, reduced flexibility, sciatica, TMJ disorder, carpel tunnel syndrome

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